Fine tuning website Member’s list

Fine tuning website Member’s list


Dear Members,

Please note that our website’s Members list would look little uncomfortable to search members, this is because we are fine tuning the Members list so that you all can search Members accurately and easily. This would take another one day i.e., 22/8/2012, we will be notifying you all once we are done with fine tuning.


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  • Mr. Shihab Hydrose

    September 8, 2012 at 12:57 PM

    Hi There

    We are just joined with LLN and our code activities are Projects and Heavy Lifts Handling, Haulier Domestic and Cross Borders Like All GCC States, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebenon, Turkey and We connect Europe to Middle East by Road from UAE Via Turkey.

    If you need any assistance,
    Please feel free to contact.

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